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What We Do

PR is a dynamic industry. It’s evolved over the years and continues to change constantly. The challenge is that PR firms don’t understand how to be at one with this change, and tend to be stuck in the past But PR also provides a significant opportunity for any business. The opportunity to get in front of an audience of millions, and gain unparalleled exposure for your brand. At Zurlia Media Group, we are dedicated to solving this problem! We are bridging the gap between the opportunity, and the challenge. Our dedicated services are designed to help you get your brand out there, and find placements in some of the biggest news publications, online media outlets, and other PR traction that promises to work wonders for your brand. We are not a typical PR firm in the sense that we don’t just chase results. We chase excellence. We believe in going above and beyond for our clients, in the quest to build authority and reward them with the best possible ROI on their investment. We thrive when your business thrives. And we intend to maintain the Status Quo!

What Sets Us Apart


At Zurlia Media Group, we are not just publicists, we are sales, marketing, psychology and influence experts. We understand what it takes to influence human behavior. We do our best to employ top practices for your business.

A Modern Approach

We understand what makes Brands tick, and we understand the angles that modern Media Outlets like to cover. This puts us in a unique position to build relationships, and get your brand the recognition it deserves. Stop wasting valuable resources like time and money on experimentation. Use our expertise to get it right the first time!

Honest Advice

Gaining PR traction for your brand, as a first-time business owner or entrepreneur can be a daunting task. We understand that fact, which is why we work with businesses to provide honest advice on what route to take to get the best possible results. Our consultation services and our done for you services are focused on transparency and ROI.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Everyone promises extraordinary customer support to the point where it’s become a cliché! But at Zurlia Media Group, we’ve come to realize the importance of providing the right assistance to folks in the big, bad world of PR. Rest assured, you’re in the best possible hands when you work with us!

About Zurlia Servellon

Hi, if you don't know me... I'm Zurlia, and I don't do things like most people! Throughout my life, I have repeatedly disregarded the complicated ways in which life and business should be done. I did not study to become a publicist. I graduated with a Master's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I am obsessed with human behavior and the science behind influence. I’ve worked for companies such as Tesla where I mastered marketing and sales. The first time I ever did PR was for myself after I published my best-selling book, and I fell in love with the process which led me here. I started my business while living out of my backpack around the world. While traveling, I learned everything in life requires true, meaningful connections. We can always grow alone, but we grow stronger, faster, and much happier when we decide to grow together. I don't believe struggle=success. I am known to approach life in an effective, yet simple way.
Disclaimer: I am unavailable for people who want to play small!
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Why our PR Services

When your target audience reads or views an organic media piece about your brand, they don’t tend to view it as an advertisement. They view it as an endorsement of the quality of your product or service. This is something traditional marketing can never achieve.

Build Authority
The amount of credibility you receive with our PR services goes a long way in building your authority. Whether you are an organization or a personal brand, being a thought leader or voice of value in your niche opens up unprecedented opportunities online and offline, and indeed further prospects of FREE organic PR.

Skyrocket your Revenue & Income
More eyeballs mean more customers, and more customers’ means more revenue! It’s that simple. The PR industry thrives because brands realize that the ROI they can derive from PR efforts, in the long run, is second only to word of mouth marketing.

Our services provide incredible value. But that does not mean they have to break the bank! We support businesses of all sizes, and we treat them all the same. As a start-up, you may not have the financial muscle like one of the big players, and that’s ok! We are affordable and offer friendly pricing.


Our Services

(1) Help you Develop your Content and PR Strategy

(2) Help with Getting Placements in Publications by Pitching your Brand

(3) Help with Organic Coverage for your Business and Brand

(4) Help with getting you in Front of your Audience with Targeted appearances in Podcasts & Interviews

How it Works

Let’s get your brand the attention it deserves in 3 Easy Steps
Step 1 - We meet over a conference call to get to know all about your brand, your business, and your goals with regards to employing our services.
Step 2- Once we understand your objectives, we work towards building a PR strategy or plan which includes unique newsworthy angles, and potential pitches that might pique interest, or garner organic attention. Our Strategy includes a comprehensive roadmap and quantifiable milestones.
Step 3 - We leverage our relationships to start pitching to publications, and trying to score interviews from podcasts to promote and feature your business!

At Zurlia Media Group, we truly believe in the Value of the service we provide, and we’re confident you will too once you come on board!

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